We are happy to share our knowledge with new members, and spread the familiarity (or is it addiction?) with the dahlia flower.   Check out more on our website, learn about dahlias and the folks that grow them here in West Michigan.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the West Michigan Dahlia Society, you may contact any of our board members by e-mail or phone.

Our meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Please refer to the calendar of events page, and print it for your reference.

Meetings will be held at the Fredrik Meijer Gardens's Royce-Klopsic room at

We offer a discounted rate of $12 (normally $24) to those who join us and also join the American Dahlia Society after you have been a member for a year.  That is a $12 savings!  You will receive quarterly bulletins from the ADS with varying articles of interest associated with growing and caring for the dahlia flower.

Newsletters are e-mailed or sent periodically with pertinent information and reminders.

2017 Membership Form: West Michigan Dahlia Society

 Annual Dues:  Please circle desired membership:

              Membership West Michigan Dahlia Society (first year):                                      $5    ____________

                                                                                    After the first year:                        $10   _____________    

              Membership to the American Dahlia Society (recommended) (first year):       $ 24    ____________

                                                                                    After the first year:                        $12   _____________    

                                                                                                                           Total paid:  $____________

Your name__________________________________________________________

Mailing address______________________________________________________


Phone (Home)________________________(other)______________________E-Mail______________________________


If you have questions, you can e-mail Lil Eitniear at:

Make checks payable to: West Michigan Dahlia Society.

Mail completed form and check to:
     Lillie Eitniear
     7781 E. Grant Road
     Hesperia, MI  49421



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